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Relationships. Access. Results.  --  Catered to fit your needs!

Girls at Recess

An initial consultation will help us to understand your journey so far, the struggles your child is having, and to assess if our advocacy services will be the right fit for you!

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

We provide initial and ongoing consultation sessions with families to help them identify the biggest stumbling blocks with their child's education. Learning struggles don't usually come with a "one and done" fix. Ongoing consultation sessions help us to ensure that your family is seeing lasting results. Sessions can include: 

  • Behavior/reward system planning

  • Parenting strategies

  • Academic strategies​/accommodations

Woman Tutoring Child

We provide a wide range of outreach services to help you navigate the process of getting additional support for your child's learning. Our services include: 

  • Ongoing outreach/follow-up with school personnel, therapists, specialists, etc. 

  • Review of records (evaluation/assessment reports, grades, IEP/504/ALP plans)

  • Attendance at family-school meetings

Homework Help

We are excited to offer partnerships with local specialists in the areas of Special Education (K-12), Speech/Language Pathology, School Psychology, and Counseling/Mental Health services.

Child Psycholgist

Looking for specialized support for your child to supplement the services they receive at school? We can refer you to a number of local individuals and agencies who specialize in counseling, behavioral therapy, executive functioning, and dyslexia. As a member of COPAA, we can put you in touch with the right professional to help you and your child.

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