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Carolee Jackson, M.Ed.
Founder/Lead Educational Consultant

As a former teacher and administrator with a Master's in K-12 Educational Leadership, and over 12 years’ experience, I have sat on the professionals' side of the table for years, trying to solve problems for children and families. As a middle- and high-school level teacher, I spent my career advocating for resources, services, and supports to meet the needs of every learner. I spent the last six years of my educational career as a school administrator at the middle and elementary levels. I have significant experience researching effective instructional methods, gathering and analyzing data to make informed academic decisions for students, and implementing differentiated instruction and interventions to meet students at their level. 

As your Educational Consultant, I will work with your family to identify problems, reach out to the school on your behalf to get answers and resources, help you navigate school systems and processes, and ensure that you see results for your child!

Please reach out today to see how having me on your side of the table can change your child's educational future!


As a mother of two beautiful school-aged girls, and a wife to a successful partner, I believe in the power of the "village" when growing a family! The value of partnership and community runs deep in my family. Whether we are laughing or crying, biking in a race or cheering from the finish line, we make each other stronger by coming together, supporting, and loving one another. Let me be part of your child's "village" by contacting me today for a FREE initial consultation!

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