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Evie Wilson, MA, RBT
Lead Advocate: SPED/ABA

For the past ten years, Evie has worked as a special educator with the grades PK-12 and with all levels of disabilities. In 2014, she received her master's degree in Special Education from the University of Colorado. Desiring a greater education, Evie went back to school to receive her post-graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. While completing her extended schooling, Evie worked as a professional educator. While working as a professional educator in our current school system, Evie began to see the disconnect between what parents were being told and what was true in regards to some of the help that special education programs can offer. As education is an ever changing field, Evie continued her education through multiple professional development opportunities, such as Parents Encouraging Parents, Orton-Gillingham training, and the Courage to Risk Conferences. Combining her schooling and hands on classroom experience, Evie is an expert in many areas of Special Education including Dyslexia, Individualized Education Plans, and Parental Rights. Working with teachers, school administrators, parents, and students, Evie realized how little public information is given to help advocate for students with special needs. Evie now works to mend the disconnect between the special education system, students, and parents. To do so, she provides student advocacy, parental guidance, and knowledge of programs both inside and outside of the traditional schooling system to ensure the current teaching system works with all students. Evie desires to help students, their families, and their educators work together to ensure the best possible education for every student.

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